Phoenix is Americas 5th largest city

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The Phoenix Metro is Home to 4.8 Million People

We are the local Security Professionals Group

About Security Social

#1 Growing Security Networking Group in Phoenix

We are on a mission to bring as many security professionals together in person to grow their professional networks, stay on top of industry trends and accumulate resources they would not have otherwise. In this instance; together we are strong  and WHO you know will always propel WHAT you know further for your success. Become a member today.

about us

What is Security Social?

Answer: It is The Phoenix Metro (4.8 Million People) Social Group for Professionals in the physical and cyber security space. It empowers members by hosting events at quality venues that: 

  1. Grow your career thru new relationships.
  2. Embrace the exchange of new ideas and technology.
  3. Host and Curate Security Workshops with Relevant Current Topics
  4. Gives members a great social outlet to decompress and enjoy.

Simply said: by having fun at these events, you will consistently encounter new individuals, offering you the greatest potential to enhance your career. This is due to the fact that you establish new alliances with fellow professionals who possess skillsets and connections that can be mutually beneficial.

What is Security Social?
Networking Group for Security Professionals
how we benefit you

Why In-Person Events Matter

Answer: Face to Face human connections produce results not possible thru technology. Virtual meetings are fantastic tools but there will never be a replacement to shaking hands, getting ‘that gut feeling’ or a friendly embrace that only comes with in person connections.

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Networking for Career Advancement
Networking Group for Security Professionals
in your own backyard

We are Phoenix Locals

Hot Summers and Mild Winters in the Valley of the Sun

We, as Phoenix locals, are fostering a dynamic security community. Within this community, we facilitate the exchange and exploration of topics that hold significance to our members, with the aim of empowering everyone.

Here, our members have the opportunity to connect with each other in a traditional, face-to-face manner as opposed to the online anything.

Innovations in Security Networking
Networking Group for Security Professionals
successful people leverage others

The Reasons for Membership

Members are actively making an effort to improve their skills, furthering their careers and building their network of people. Privacy or anonymity concerns? Read here.

Our members expect to engage with:

  1. Others employed in the security space.
  2. Individuals with similar goals.
  3. Access to current and relevant education thru workshops.

Full Membership Explained here

Members, in general, want to network outside the confines of the office environment. They simply enjoy a relaxed happy hour gathering at a nearby, trendy venue, conveniently situated between home and work. These events involve certain expenses, and membership dues contribute to covering these costs.

Networking Isn't as Hard as You Think
Networking Group for Security Professionals
we are more than socializing

Group Workshops

The detailed blend of workshops provides a unique learning opportunity, bringing in an environment of knowledge exchange and interaction amongst like-minded professionals. Here, anyone can learn the basics, and veterans can deepen their understanding of advanced concepts, helping in forming a cohesive network of individuals who are passionate about security.

View more details about workshops

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Networking Group for Security Professionals
giving back value to others

The Founders

Meet Jim and Nick. With over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of security, finance, and event management. Together, they proudly present, right here in Phoenix!

We have one goal: to contribute our time and support, promoting the success of others through local networking, harnessing the power of collaboration, and shared enthusiasm amongst our members.

Both Jim and Nick are Business Consultants by day.

Event Organizers: Crafting Experiences, Ensuring Safety
Networking Group for Security Professionals
not like you were expecting

The Event Format Explained

The theme is people interacting with other people.

This isn’t your typical networking event filled with endless vendor presentations. We host our events at top-notch venues, accompanied by great music in the company of enthusiastic peers eager to connect and meet new individuals.

No sales or marketing people are admitted (meaning no members of SecuritySocial are sales people). The 2 or 3 vendors that have 3 mins each to speak have a designated area where everyone can interact.

    • Dress Code: Business Casual
    • 6:00 to 6:25 Check-in with QR Code
      • Host interaction – networking, cocktails.
    • 6:30 Doors close, 10 min welcome announcement
    • 7:00 Food and appetizers served
    • 7:45 Closing announcement
    • 8:00 Event end
Membership Fees help cover the cost of the events
Networking Group for Security Professionals
no more unsolicited emails

Our Simple Email Policy

Each outbound email directed towards our members serves a specific purpose and adheres to a predetermined schedule. Our communication can be categorized into two types: the first is essential informational, and the second is optional interest-based. We dont spam.

Essential Informational:

  • Registration (user, pass, updates, changes, account info etc)
  • Upcoming events bi-weekly delivered Tuesdays at 7pm
  • Attending Event Reminder (1 week, 1 day and 1 hour before) 

Optional Interest:

  • Category specific newsletters
  • Local business intel
  • Industry related feeds
Networking Group for Security Professionals
treat you like we want to be treated

Our Official Privacy Policy

Because daily email consumes so much time on it’s own, spam is simply unacceptable. We have all been to events that follow with spam. 

We do not sell, share, provide etc your contact information, period. 3rd parties do not have access to our member’s contact details.

Networking Group for Security Professionals

About Us

Welcome to Security Social, the premier destination for physical and cyber security professionals in the Greater Phoenix area. In a world where digital interaction dominates, we bring a refreshing change – fostering real, human connections beyond the screen.

Our Mission

At Security Social, we are dedicated to creating a vibrant, inclusive community for security experts. Our focus is not just on networking but on building lasting relationships and sharing knowledge in a relaxed, enjoyable setting. We believe that the most meaningful professional connections are made when people meet face-to-face.

What We Offer

  • Exclusive Networking Events: Our events are carefully curated to ensure a high-quality experience. We choose exciting venues with great music and atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and engaging in meaningful conversations with peers.
  • Professional Development: We address the latest trends, industry problems, and solutions in security. Our gatherings are technical and operational, providing valuable insights for career growth.
  • Selective Membership: To maintain a focused environment, membership is exclusive to those actively working in security roles, ensuring each event is relevant and beneficial.
  • Diverse Expertise: Our members come from various backgrounds in physical and cyber security, surveillance, risk management, and more, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and knowledge.
  • Beyond Business: We go beyond traditional professional interactions. Our activities range from fun social gatherings to workshops on pressing security topics, catering to both professional and personal interests.
  • Local Focus with Global Reach: While our roots are in Phoenix, the insights and connections made here have far-reaching implications, providing our members with both local and international opportunities.

Why Join Us?

Joining Security Social means more than just attending events. It’s about being part of a community that values personal interaction, professional growth, and genuine connections. Whether you are seeking career advancement, industry knowledge, or a supportive network, Security Social is the place to be.

Become a part of our dynamic group, where learning, networking, and fun coexist, creating a unique experience for all security professionals in the Phoenix area.