Our Outbound Email Policy

Information you expect, efficient and straight to the point.

Each of us, just like you, have inboxes, and we all know the feeling of flooded with emails. At Security Social, we value the trust you place in us, especially when it comes to your email inbox. That’s why our email policy to ensure our communication is always purposeful, relevant, and what we would want for ourselves too!

Purposeful Communication – Every Single Time

Every email you receive from us will have a clear and specific purpose:

1. The basics:

  • Registration Details: This includes your username, password, account updates, changes, and other crucial account information.
  • Event Updates: Every other week, on Tuesdays at 7 pm, the upcoming events email will be sent – so you have the option of which events you wish to attend.
  • Event Reminders: If you’ve RSVP’d for an event, we’ll send you three reminders – one week, one day, and one hour before the event. These serve as simple notifications/reminders.

2. Optional Interests:

  • Category-Specific Info bytes: Tailored insights for the areas that are relevant or interesting to you.
  • Local Business Intelligence: Local is our business and any tips or benefits we know of related to your interests shared by members or local businesses that we find to be beneficial, we’ll send here.

A No-Spam Promise

Because daily email consumes so much time on it’s own, spam is simply unacceptable. We have all been to events that follow with spam. We do not sell, share, provide etc. your contact information, period. 3rd parties do not have access to our member’s contact details.

Your Privacy Matters

Your contact information is just that – yours. We have a staunch policy against sharing, selling, or providing your details to third parties. Rest assured, your contact details remain confidential and inaccessible to external parties.

In conclusion, our email policy is designed with you in mind, ensuring that every piece of communication from us is timely, relevant, and respectful. Your trust is part of what makes our group not only valuable but attractive.