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The UNWIND for Security Professionals in Phoenix

Meet Other Local Security Professionals in Arizona

Security Professionals in the Greater Phoenix Area enjoy an evening, meeting in person for local resource unity. It’s a chance to walk away from screens. Reap benefits you can only get from real human interaction. Food, Drinks, Festive Environment, Music and New Relationships!

The theme is people interacting with other people.

This isn’t your typical networking event filled with endless vendor presentations. We host our events at top-notch venues, accompanied by great music in the company of enthusiastic peers eager to connect and meet new individuals.

Join us afterwork for something different

Wednesday | December 6th in Old Town Scottsdale

The Power of "Who You Know"

What is the event for?

Real People Meeting Real People.

  • This is a event tailored for individuals in the Phoenix Metro area who work in security roles.
  • Held in a location you’d personally love to visit, we move away from the typical dull conference rooms. Instead, we choose vibrant venues with fantastic music and atmosphere, perfect for connecting with others while embracing our roles as security professionals.

The sterotype

the anticipated structure of such networking events

Too often, security professionals find themselves in a sea of sales pitches at networking events, which can overshadow the event’s core intent—career advancement and industry learning. We recognize that this common occurrence can detract from the rich, educational experience you seek.

The Reality

our refreshing format

We’re committed to keeping the focus on professional development for security experts. That’s why we’ve implemented a strict ‘no salespeople’ admission policy to ensure that our attendees can engage in genuine knowledge exchange without the usual disruptions. However, we value the role that relevant industry partners play in enriching our conversations and providing insights into emerging solutions.

How we balance this:

We’ve carefully selected 3 sponsors who align with our mission and have limited their presentations to a brief 3-minute spotlight. This ensures that their contributions are concise, valuable, and integrated smoothly into the flow of the evening—avoiding any ‘in-your-face’ experiences. Our sponsors receive high-value returns through targeted exposure to a dedicated audience, and our attendees gain additional industry insights without the hard sell. It’s a win-win where the primary currency is knowledge, and the primary goal is your professional growth.

cautions about security2

Conflicts and Solutions

These are five understandable conflicts a prospective member might face when considering joining Security Social, along with the potential benefits and solutions to each conflict.

Privacy Concerns

Conflict: Security professionals often prioritize their own privacy and may be hesitant to share personal or professional information in a networking setting.

Benefit/Solution: Our networking group, tailored for security professionals, has strict privacy guidelines and basic vetting processes. Joining our group ensure that members’ privacy is respected, and they can choose how much information to share.

Trust Issues

Conflict: Given the line of work, security professionals may find it challenging to trust new acquaintances, fearing potential ulterior motives.

Benefit/Solution: While building trust takes time, by attending regular networking events and getting to know members over time, trust can be established. Additionally, recommendations and references from trusted colleagues can help in vetting potential connections.

Fear of Information Leakage

Conflict: Discussing work-related topics might lead to unintentional disclosure of sensitive information.

Benefit/Solution: Networking doesn’t necessarily mean discussing specifics of one’s job. It’s more about building relationships and sharing industry trends or best practices. We all set our own personal boundaries on what topics are off-limits can prevent inadvertent information leaks.

Time Commitment

Conflict: Security roles can be demanding, leaving little time for extracurricular activities like networking.

Benefit/Solution: While it’s true that networking requires time, the benefits often outweigh the costs. Setting aside a specific time, like one event per month, can make it manageable. Moreover, the decompression effect of face to face interaction is invaluable.

Perceived Lack of Relevance

Conflict: Some security professionals might feel that networking events are more suited for sales or business development roles and not directly relevant to their technical or security-focused position.

Benefit/Solution: Sales and Marketing people are not accepted as event participants. Networking isn’t just about finding new job opportunities or sales leads. It’s also about learning from peers, staying updated on industry trends, and even finding solutions to current challenges.

There are valid concerns for security professionals when considering networking, there are also tangible benefits. By choosing the right group, setting personal boundaries, and approaching networking with an open mind, security professionals can gain valuable insights and connections in their field.

Networking Isn't as Hard as You Think

The Agenda

Simple, Flowing and enjoyable.

  • 6:00 to 6:25 Check-in with QR Code
    • Host interaction – networking, cocktails.
  • 6:30 Doors close, 10 min welcome announcement
  • 7:00 Food and appetizers served
  • 7:45 Closing announcement
  • 8:00 Event end
FAQ raising their hands to ask a question


Our curated environment for professionals

What is the dress code?

Business Casual.

Are meals or refreshments provided?

Yes all complimentary.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees?

Yes, 100-125

How can I contact the organizer with questions?

Call us at (480) 680-7891

Are there any prerequisites needed to attend?

Yes, each attendee must be a member.

Can I bring a +1 ?

No, our events are tailored to security professionals actively making efforts to improve their careers, networks, influence and / or awareness inside industries with business related to security.

Can I bring my dog?


Networking for Career Advancement

Group Membership

Security Social is a Private Group

  • To attend, you must be a member. Register here
  • Membership is limited to:
    • Currently in a security role.
    • Not involved in sales or marketing.
    • Based in Arizona.

Financial Support

Companies who believe in our group 

The Welcomed Frontier of Networking:

Getting Here

The southern point of Old Town Scottsdale

  • When: Wednesday, December 6th at 6pm
  • Venue: 3622 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
  • Airport: 20 mins drive
Networking Skills for Security Professionals


Plenty of Free Parking

  • We only pick locations with easy parking
  • There is a parking lot directly across Scottsdale Road
  • There is a Free Parking Garage also across the road.
  • Precise parking options delivered by email
The Cybersecurity Boom in the Valley of the Sun

Weather Projections

Cozy temps, clear skies and no bugs.

  • Typical Temperature = 65 Degrees
  • Sunset Time = 5:42pm
  • Visibility = Clear Skies
6 8pm

Time Schedule

Everything will be clear and efficient.

  • Check in starts at 6pm
    • Lanyard provided
  • Check in ends at 6:25
    • wait at entrance if late
  • We have two brief announcements 10 mins each
  • Open bar available for the duration 
  • Good food arrives at 7pm

The Venue

Brat Haut Scottsdale
  • Brat Haus Scottsdale: Founded in 2005.
  • A Vibrant European Beer Garden Setting.
  • Award-winning homemade dishes.
  • An array of sausages and choice meats.
  • Featuring salads and renowned pretzels.
  • A selection of sodas, waters, and teas.
  • Assorted easy-to-enjoy beers.
  • A full range of classic cocktails.
  • Ample space to stand or sit and clean bathrooms.

what we send by email

Full Event Details
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Day before reminder.

what we send by text

Confirmation of your RSVP
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Phoenix, AZ Security Events - Networking Group

Check In

Ticket scanned at entrance

  • QR Codes emailed 24 hours before event.
  • Show code (printed or on phone)
  • Entry closes at 6:25pm

RSVP for Members:

Dear members, click the button below to reserve your spot.
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The UNWIND for Security Professionals in Phoenix

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February 21st, Old Town Scottsdale

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