AI Job Application Saturation – More Gaming the System

AI Job Application Saturation - More Gaming the System

Most employers are on the hunt for top-tier talent without breaking the bank.

Most job seekers, in contrast, aim for the highest possible salary for roles they’re confident they can perform.

This dynamic forms the bulk of the job market’s interactions, where both parties use various tools to achieve their ends, bypassing the human element entirely.

The question: Is this the best approach to securing a job or a promotion?

Employing LLMs (like OpenAI, Gemeni, etc.), anyone can craft a resume that stands out, provided they fine-tune it manually afterwards. Below we list the tools.

We give detailed data here: The Hiring Game: Bypass the Algo and Get the Interview!

However, today we are shedding light on services that promise to streamline the job-seeking process. These tools are used by your competition and the employers. The whole goal is to filter in the best candidates which fails because the resume piece is the problem of the entire process.

Remember, most applicants all armed with similar tools, standing out becomes a challenge. Here’s a list of the better tools that claim to help and one that is used to evaluate you after.

With all this computer filtering of people – how do you have a chance if you are not a robot?

At this stage you most likely have not spoken with the hiring manager….

Meanwhile people getting jobs with referrals because they know someone at the company are bypassing 90% of this filtering and usually guaranteed a job. Here from Rory Lessig, a seasoned pro of 18 years:


The moral of the story is – people get you places where technology can not. You can compete in a sea of ‘noise’ of focus on making personal connections. The dependency on ‘intelligence’ to get jobs has really gone bananas. Who you know always improves your future opportunities.

Join a local group in your profession to network and meet people face to face. The law of numbers will lead you to positive opportunities, its inevitable. here at Security Social we are focused on the security space join us. If that is not your industry, make the effort to find a group that works for you. Don’t delay.

Here is a great article about the simply timeless act of a handshake: Handshakes: Outdated or Essential?

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