The Hiring Game: Bypass the Algo and get the interview!

Today we welcome Rory Lessig, with 18 years in the hiring industry – INSIDER

The Hiring Game: Bypass the Algo and get the interview!

Forget everything you’ve been told about job hunting. Rory Lessig, a titan in the recruitment field with 18 years under his belt, throws a wrench into what we’ve accepted as the norm in job applications and hiring processes. This isn’t your typical chat about resumes and cover letters. Instead, Rory pulls back the curtain on a truth so many overlook: the power of personal connections over algorithms. In a landscape where Fortune 500 companies pour millions into recruitment strategies, he reveals an unexpected and undervalued tactic—friendship. Yes, you read that right.

In our discussion, we dismantle the myth of the all-knowing hiring algorithm and show you why your next job might just be a handshake away.


Networking That Works

Mark your calendars for February 21st, 6pm, Old Town Scottsdale. Join us at SecuritySocial’s networking event and turn acquaintances into career opportunities. Because sometimes, who you know really does trump what you know.

Eye-Opening Data Point

“A majority of your hires come from candidates who are within the first 18 applicants for an open requisition, which means there is opportunity for optimizing pipeline sizes, especially those that reach 50+ in volume.”

Prepare to be surprised, enlightened, and inspired. This isn’t just a conversation—it’s a game changer for anyone on the job hunt or eyeing their next big promotion. Rory Lessig doesn’t just share insights; he’s handing you the keys to a door you didn’t even know existed.

SecuritySocial is having its networking event February 21st at 6pm in Old Town Scottsdale. Here we foster people meeting people. We have been in the business for over 30 years and have countless stories of people getting ahead in life because of who they know. Expand your professional network with people that are like minded.

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