Join Us for an Unconventional Security Meetup

Tired of the Same Old Networking Events?

goodbye to drab conference rooms and the typical “schmooze and booze” gatherings. SecuritySocial is about shaking up the networking game. Our upcoming event is a needed networking DELIVERABLES UPDATE, crafted by 30-year veterans of the Security Space and Networking.

Why We’re Different

We believe that the best opportunities in life aren’t found through a screen or in a stale, uninspired meeting room. They’re discovered through real, raw, face-to-face connections. Our event is about building genuine relationships.

Connect with the Real Game Changers

  • Meet Physical and Cyber Security Pros: Rub shoulders with experts from every sector.
  • Live Interaction: Experience networking in its most potent form—live and in-person.

The Event Details: Not Your Ordinary Venue

Join us on February 21st at the BRAT HAUS, nestled at the foot of Old Town Scottsdale. This is a needed recurring event under the open skies, covered by festival lights, with mouth-watering food and drinks to set the mood.

What to Expect

  • Festive Atmosphere: Enjoy a vibrant setting that breaks away from the conventional networking mold.
  • Quality Conversations: Engage in meaningful dialogue that goes beyond the surface level.

RSVP Today: Don’t Miss Out

Ready to experience something different? To be part of a networking event that actually values real connections? Visit to secure your spot.


This isn’t just another networking event. It’s the beginning of new, authentic connections in the security world. Be there. Be real. Be ready to connect.


🔒 Phoenix’s security scene lacks something crucial – a dedicated group for us pros to network in person. That’s about to change. I’m hosting a focused event in Scottsdale for us to connect, share, and grow. It’s what we’ve been missing. Want in? DM me. Let’s build this community together. #PhoenixSecurityNetworking #InPersonNetworking #ScottsdaleEvent

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