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Job Hunting The Surprise About LinkedIn vs Personal Networking

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Job hunting is a complex and multifaceted job in itself, with numerous strategies and tools at our disposal. However, not all methods are equally effective. While platforms like LinkedIn are widely recognized and used, their actual effectiveness in securing jobs is subject to debate.

| Common Strategies | Online job boards, networking events, personal connections |
| LinkedIn’s Role | Popular but often questioned in effectiveness |
| In-Person Networking | Valued for its direct and personal approach |

At Security Social, we examine the realities of job searching, emphasizing the often overlooked power of in-person networking and the role of acquaintances in job discovery.

The Timeless Power of In-Person Networking

quote, “I’ve never found a job from LinkedIn. In person Networking. 90% of jobs are found through acquaintances not boards.

People helping people thru human connections are far more powerful than the easy come, easy go of tech based chats. Networking in-person has always been a pillar in the job hunting arena. It’s not just about exchanging business cards or attending live events; it’s about building genuine connections that can open doors to new opportunities.

Effective Networking Strategies:

  • Attend your industry-specific events
  • Volunteer in community projects when possible
  • Engage in local professional groups – be active!

Engaging with others face-to-face provides a level of personal interaction and trust where technology can not compete! This always leads to more meaningful relationships and, consequently, more substantial job opportunities.

The Role of Acquaintances in Job Discovery

A surprising statistic reveals that about 90% of jobs are found through acquaintances rather than online media. This shows the importance of feeding an extensive network of personal contacts.

Leveraging Relationships for Opportunities:

  • Keep in regular touch with people by using a basic CRM – so many free things with wordpress!!
  • Attend events that are within 30 mins of your house – make the effort!
  • Participate in community gatherings and social clubs that have nothing to do with work!

These activities expand your network and increase the chances of discovering job opportunities through personal connections.

Comparing LinkedIn with In-Person Networking

While LinkedIn offers an ever expanding onslaught of business networking, it can not compete with the personal touch and immediacy of in-person interactions. Here’s a comparison:

AspectLinkedInIn-Person Networking
ConnectionDigital, often superficialPersonal and direct
EngagementLimited by platform algorithmsImmediate and responsive
OpportunitiesMostly passive job listingsActive referrals and leads

In-person networking allows for more dynamic interactions and can often lead to immediate opportunities and referrals.

Case Studies and Success Stories – ask people!

Real-life stories illustrate the power of in-person networking over online job searches. From individuals landing dream jobs through a casual conversation at a community event to successful career changes facilitated by a recommendation from a friend, these stories highlight the effectiveness of personal connections.

Real-Life Successes:

  • Great friend of mine with all the qualifications for the position he was applying for did not receive one reply to his resumes for one full year! He found the job that has since shaped his career by meeting people at a free cocktail mixer related to his industry.
  • In casually discussing life and past experiences with people at a concert, I was asked if I could help with an upcoming event and that one conversation took me into my InHouseTicketing experience!

Friendly Recommendations

While online platforms like LinkedIn have their place in the modern job search landscape, the significance of in-person networking and leveraging acquaintances cannot be overstated.

Benign Advice:

  • Invest consistent time in developing personal relationships outside your comfort zone.
  • Attend events and engage in social activities that are offline.
  • Use LinkedIn as a supplementary tool, not the sole strategy.

Remember, your next job opportunity could be just a conversation away.

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