Live Event Scottsdale AZ, Wednesday, February 21st at 6pm

Meet the group in Old Town Scottsdale!

Official RSVP:

You’re invited to a local to Phoenix networking experience that will change the way you view security events. At, we’re over lame events and creating interesting ones, and we want you to be part of it!

πŸ“ Location: Old Town Scottsdale, December 6th at 6pm

πŸ” Discover Benefits of

  • Forge genuine connections with like-minded professionals
  • Explore new opportunities thru introductions.
  • Ignite your knowledge with insightful conversations
  • Experience a dynamic, buzz-filled atmosphere

🌐 Join Our Security Group:

  • Meet peers in the security industry
  • Make friends who share your passion
  • Advance your career alongside the brightest minds
  • Enjoy complimentary food, drinks, music and laughs

🀝 Connect, Collaborate, and Celebrate Your Security Journey!

Don’t miss out on the event that will enhance your networking experience in the Phoenix Metro.

See below for more event details and RSVP information. Your career deserves this! πŸ’ΌπŸš€

#SecuritySocialScottsdale #UnlockYourPotential #NetworkingDoneRight

RSVP here:

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