Centripetal CleanINTERNET® Transforming Cybersecurity with Advanced Intelligence


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Key ElementDescription
Comprehensive CybersecurityCleanINTERNET® by Centripetal offers robust, versatile cybersecurity for various industries.
Real-time Threat IntelligenceUtilizes over 3,500 threat feeds for dynamic protection against cyber threats.
Advanced Technological IntegrationFeatures patented algorithms and high-performance computing for enhanced security.
Cloud Environment AdaptabilityCompatible with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, ensuring flexibility and high availability.
Proactive Threat PreventionEmploys preemptive measures to identify and mitigate cyber risks.
Economical SolutionA cost-effective alternative to traditional cybersecurity infrastructures.
Global Security ApproachUses geographic IP data for blocking threats from specific high-risk areas.

Here are notable mentions about the product:

  1. Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET® Main Page
    “Discover the revolutionary capabilities of Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET®, the forefront of cyber threat intelligence. This solution transforms cybersecurity by operationalizing a vast array of intelligence feeds, offering unparalleled protection against known and emerging cyber threats. Its zero-trust inspection and advanced shielding techniques, powered by nearly 60 patented technologies, proactively defend against 99% of mapped global cyber threats, ensuring robust network security.”
  2. Centripetal’s Homepage
    “Explore Centripetal, the innovators behind CleanINTERNET®. They’re reshaping the cybersecurity landscape by operationalizing the world’s largest collection of threat intelligence in real-time. Centripetal’s approach to cyber defense prioritizes prevention of all globally known attacks, leveraging real-time intelligence and automated enforcement to offer a fully-managed SecOps service. Their solutions mark a significant shift from traditional cybersecurity strategies, providing peace of mind through cutting-edge protection.”
  3. IBM Case Study on Centripetal Networks
    “Gain insights into the effectiveness of CleanINTERNET® through IBM’s case study on Centripetal Networks. This in-depth analysis showcases how Centripetal’s collaboration with IBM X-Force enhances cybersecurity capabilities, illustrating the transformative impact of CleanINTERNET® on enterprise security. Understand how Centripetal leverages IBM’s advanced technologies to fortify cybersecurity measures across organizations.”
  4. CleanINTERNET® IoT Brochure
    “Delve into the specifics of CleanINTERNET® for IoT with this detailed brochure. It offers a comprehensive overview of how CleanINTERNET® secures IoT devices, providing a barrier against the unique threats faced in increasingly connected environments. The brochure elaborates on the application of CleanINTERNET®’s advanced threat detection and dynamic intelligence in protecting IoT infrastructures.”
  5. CleanINTERNET Overview Datasheet
    “For a concise yet informative overview, check out this datasheet on CleanINTERNET®. It presents a snapshot of the key features and benefits, illustrating how this solution efficiently counters cyber threats across various industries. The datasheet is an excellent resource for understanding CleanINTERNET® at a glance, highlighting its effectiveness in proactive cyber defense.”
  6. CrowdStrike Marketplace Listing for CleanINTERNET
    “Visit the CrowdStrike Marketplace to view Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET® listing. It provides insights into how CleanINTERNET® integrates with CrowdStrike’s platforms, enhancing cybersecurity measures. The listing details the compatibility and advantages of using CleanINTERNET® in conjunction with CrowdStrike’s advanced security solutions, offering a comprehensive approach to cyber defense.”
  7. BusinessWire News on CleanINTERNET®
    “Read the latest on CleanINTERNET® in this BusinessWire article. It covers Centripetal’s recent advancements and expansion of CleanINTERNET® technology to cloud environments. The article highlights the innovative steps Centripetal is taking to adapt to the evolving cybersecurity landscape, ensuring that organizations are equipped with cutting-edge cloud-compatible security solutions.”
  8. Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Candidate – Centripetal CleanINTERNET
    “Learn about Centripetal CleanINTERNET®’s recognition in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. This nomination underscores the effectiveness and innovation of CleanINTERNET® in the field of cybersecurity. The awards platform provides a detailed account of CleanINTERNET®’s impact, illustrating its role as a leader in proactive cyber defense and threat intelligence.”

Cybersecurity challenges require solutions that are not only reactive but also proactive in nature. Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET® service is a testament to this approach, offering a comprehensive, intelligence-driven security strategy that excels in both effectiveness and efficiency.

Core Features of CleanINTERNET®: Intelligence and Technology Combined

At the core of CleanINTERNET® lies a powerful combination of high-performance computing technology, innovative software algorithms, and the expertise of highly skilled security analysts. This combination creates a dynamic and adaptable security solution, capable of identifying and neutralizing threats proactively.

The Shift in Cybersecurity Posture with CleanINTERNET®

Prior to CleanINTERNET®, many organizations grappled with outdated threat information, networks besieged by suspicious traffic, and overtaxed tech staff. These challenges often left enterprises vulnerable and in a perpetual state of risk.

The integration of CleanINTERNET® heralds a significant change:

  • Timely Intelligence Gathering: By harnessing over 3,500 threat feeds, CleanINTERNET® provides current and comprehensive information on cyber threats​​.
  • Automated Traffic Management: The system autonomously shields 99% of unwanted traffic, thus improving network performance.
  • Expert Oversight with No Additional Training: Managed by a team of elite SecOps professionals, it ensures top-tier network monitoring without the need for staff upskilling.
  • Confidence in Security: The knowledge that the enterprise is proactively protected brings a sense of security to business leaders and IT teams.

Cloud Compatibility: The CleanINTERNET® CLOUD AdvantageCloud Compatibility: The CleanINTERNET® CLOUD Advantage

Acknowledging the growing reliance on cloud infrastructures, CleanINTERNET® has been adapted for cloud environments. CleanINTERNET® CLOUD is designed to offer unparalleled defense in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms, negating the need for more expensive cybersecurity systems while supporting diverse cloud architectures​​.

Proactive Cyber Defense

A standout feature of CleanINTERNET® is its proactive approach to network protection. It utilizes Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) to recognize potential threats swiftly and implements preventive measures. This strategy is further strengthened by incorporating geographic IP location data to block attacks originating from regions with higher risk profiles​​.

Economic Efficiency

CleanINTERNET® provides a more economical alternative to traditional cybersecurity infrastructures. It combines advanced technology with an intelligence-based approach to deliver robust protection at a reduced cost​​.

Wrapping Up

Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET® represents a cutting-edge approach to cybersecurity. It sets itself apart by proactively using threat intelligence, ensuring adaptability to cloud environments, and offering an economically viable solution for organizations seeking to protect their digital landscapes against evolving cyber threats.

To gain further insights into how CleanINTERNET® effectively counters zero-day threats and maintains network security, delve into our in-depth discussion in the article, “CleanINTERNET: Centripetal’s Answer to Zero-Day Threats.”

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