To Boldly Network in a Truly RARE Galaxy: A Phoenix Security Professional’s Guide

To Boldly Network in a Truly RARE Galaxy: A Phoenix Security Professional's Guide

Locally here in Phoenix, there’s a growing buzz among security professionals. It’s not just any buzz; it’s the kind that resonates with the core of our profession. We’re talking about a unique place, a haven for those of us entrenched in the realms of cyber and physical security. This is where the real security workforce gathers, a place that’s off-limits to sales pitches – except for a few pre-screened sponsors with relevant solutions and limited talk time. It’s a group that understands the value of pure, unadulterated professional exchange.

The Welcomed Frontier of Networking:

The Welcomed Frontier of Networking:For years, we’ve navigated the nebulous realms of networking events, often feeling like Captain Kirk in the Starship Enterprise, exploring strange new worlds of endless sales pitches and superficial connections. But here, in Phoenix, we’ve discovered a new galaxy – one where the focus is on trends, problems, and solutions that matter today.


  1. Engaging with the Real McCoy: This isn’t your typical networking event. Here, you’ll find the Spocks, the McCoys, and the Uhuras of the security world – real professionals discussing real issues.
  2. No Red Shirts Here: The exclusivity of the group means you’re less likely to encounter those ‘red shirt’ sales types, ensuring that your networking is both meaningful and relevant.
  3. A Vulcan’s Dream: For those of us who prefer logic and substance over small talk, this group offers a chance to engage in meaningful discussions without the usual distractions.
  4. Beam Me Up, Scotty: With a focus on current trends and practical solutions, these gatherings can be a teleportation device to the next level of your career.


  1. The Introvert’s Kobayashi Maru: Even in a more focused setting, networking can feel like an unwinnable scenario for us introverts. It’s about finding the right strategy to navigate these social spaces.
  2. Risk of Echo Chambers: While it’s great to be among like-minded professionals, there’s a risk of missing out on diverse perspectives that outsiders might bring.
  3. Time and Dilithium Crystals: Just like the Enterprise needs its dilithium crystals, these events require your time and energy – resources that are often in short supply.
  4. Avoiding the Borg: In a group of like-minded individuals, there’s always the danger of groupthink. It’s important to maintain individuality and critical thinking.

While you are welcome to view our latest events

See the next eventIn the words of Spock, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” For us security professionals in Phoenix, this new networking group could be just what we’ve been waiting for. It’s a chance to boldly go where no one has gone before in the realm of professional networking – a place where we can truly engage, learn, and grow without the usual trappings of traditional networking events.

So, let’s embrace this opportunity, engage our warp drives, and see where this journey takes us. After all, as they say in Star Trek, “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” symbolizes the vast array of possibilities that await us in this new networking frontier.

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